Are you trying to declutter your old gadgets and turn them into cash? Maybe you’re wondering how much you can get for that laptop gathering dust on your shelf. Well, wonder no more! This blog post guides you through valuing your laptop at a pawn shop.

Whether it’s brand new or has seen better days, we’ll give you tips on what factors affect its price and how to negotiate with the pawnbroker. So sit back, relax, and let’s find out just how much your laptop is worth!

Pawnshops and Laptops

How much is my laptop worth at a pawnshop? That depends on the pawning laptops’ age, condition, and specification. A laptop that is two or three years old may be worth less than a newer model. Older laptops also may not have all the features of more recent models.

A laptop with a broken screen or one that has been heavily used may be worth less than one without any damage. The condition of the computer’s hardware, including its processor, RAM, hard drive, display, and keyboard, also can affect its value.

What to Bring to a Pawnshop

When shopping for a laptop at a pawnshop, knowing the device’s value is essential. Pawnshops typically charge three different prices for pawning laptops- as an outright purchase, part of an electronics recycling program, or a trade-in.

The price of an outright purchase will be the most expensive, and the price for a laptop part of an electronics recycling program will be the least expensive. The price for a laptop part of a trade-in will be between these two. It is important to remember that pawnshops often charge interest on loans, so it is always best to get a loan instead of paying cash.

How to Sell Your Laptop at a Pawnshop

Assuming your laptop is in working order, here’s how you can sell it at a pawnshop:

  • Determine the value of your laptop. This will depend on the make and model of your laptop, as well as its condition. You can use websites such as those provided by The Next Web or eBay to get an estimate of the value of a specific laptop.
  • Clean up the laptop if necessary. Ensure there are no scratches or dings on the machine’s exterior, and remove any broken buttons or cables. If possible, remove all personal information from the screen and hard drive before bringing it in to be appraised.
  • Remove any software or data that isn’t essential for sale. This includes anything installed on the computer besides essential Windows programs and files, such as photos or music collections.
  • Bring in your laptop to be appraised by a pawnshop employee. The prices they offer will depend on several factors, including make and model, condition, software included and data removed, and whether or not the laptop has been previously used in criminal activity or stolen property recovery efforts.

How to Tell if Your Laptop is Damaged

When considering what to do if your laptop is damaged, ask yourself a few questions. The most important question is how much use the laptop is currently getting. If it’s only been used for occasional surfing or checking email, then it may be worth less than if it’s been heavily used. Secondly, determine what kind of damage has occurred.

A broken screen will likely be less valuable than if the laptop was dropped and cracks were formed on the casing. Finally, assess what kind of warranty is offered and whether it covers accidental damage.

If the laptop has only been used occasionally or is in good condition but has a broken screen or cracked casing, it may be worth less than if it’s heavily used and has significant damage. Many warranties do not cover accidental damage.
The most important question to answer when assessing a laptop’s value is how much use the device is currently getting.

If the device has been used infrequently, its value may be lower than if it had been actively used. Additionally, assessing whether there are any significant damages will help dictate a fair price for the device in question.

Damage that would significantly lower the price includes cracks on the casing or screen and heavy usage – both of which would indicate regular use and use beyond what an occasional user would experience.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth at a Pawnshop?

Pawnshops are a great place to get an idea of the value of your laptop. Not only do they often have a better selection than most electronics stores, but they also charge much less for laptops.

To find out your laptop’s value, first, look at its condition. A laptop in good condition with normal wear and tear should be worth between $200 and $500. Laptops that have been tampered with or have broken components are usually worth less.

If you don’t know your laptop’s condition, you can try doing a quick online estimate. Websites like PawnGo and pawning laptops Magazines offer price guides for different makes and models of laptops, so you can get an idea of what your machine is worth without bringing it into the store.

Once you know the approximate value of your laptop, it’s time to figure out how much it will cost to sell it. Most pawnshops will charge between 10% and 30% of the original purchase price as a commission fee, so be prepared to pay anywhere from $40 to $200 for your machine.

How Many Parts Are in a Laptop?

There are a few different pieces that make up a laptop. The motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM, and storage are all vital to the computer’s functionality. Together they account for around 50% of the cost of a laptop.

The other components include the screen, keyboard, trackpad/touchpad, and exterior case/body. At most shops, a typical 13-inch laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM will run you around $800-$1,200. That price may vary depending on the condition and amount of customization/upgrades done to the laptop.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth at a Pawnshop

What You Need to Know About Laptop Valuation

If you are thinking about selling your laptop, there are some things you need to know before taking your machine to a pawnshop. Pawnshops operate on a commission-based system, so the more money you can bring in, the better.

The most important thing to remember is that laptops are not typically worth as much as desktop computers. Laptops typically have shorter lifespans and are less durable. They often come with lower-value components, such as low-end processors and graphics cards. Most laptops will not be worth more than $200 at a pawn shop. 

It is also important to remember that laptops usually come with personal information such as passwords and banking information. If you decide to sell your laptop, protect this information by deleting any sensitive data before handing over your laptop to the pawnshop.


Can I get money for my old laptop?

Yes! We offer a free consultation to discuss your old laptop and see if any money can be made from it. Remember that any money from selling your old laptop will go towards our charity donations.

Are you in need of quick cash and have a laptop to pawn?

Selling your laptop is a great way to raise money fast. Most people are willing to pay fair prices for laptops in good condition. Before you sell your laptop, make sure to do some research and find a reputable laptop sale website.

How does our laptop pawning process work, and what do we accept as collateral?

Collateral can be anything you feel is essential for your security, such as your driver’s license, social security card, or bank statement. We also accept laptops, tablets, and smartphones as collateral.

Have you considered pawning your laptop instead of selling it outright?

Pawning your laptop is a great way to get money for other purposes. It’s also an excellent way to get your laptop back if needed. You can find a pawnbroker in your area or go online. Remember to be prepared to provide documentation such as the model number, serial number, and laptop photos if requested.


Laptops are trendy items to pawn and for a good reason. They offer a lot of versatility and can be used for various purposes. However, like anything else, there is a price to pay for owning a laptop.

In this article, we will discuss the different factors that affect the worth of a laptop at a pawnshop and give you an idea of what to expect. Hopefully, this will help you determine how much your laptop is worth at a pawnshop and give you peace of mind before bringing it in.

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